Fieldpiece SM480V SMAN Digital Manifold Review

  • Posted on: 7 April 2020
  • By: Marc

If you're familiar with the SMAN460 you're probably wondering if the Fieldpiece SMAN SM480V 4-Port Wireless Refrigerant Manifold with Micron Gauge is worth it. Here's what we figured out.



The field of heating and cooling right now is work close to $95 billion and is on the rise. It is a hot industry because people need these services more than ever.

If you work as an HVAC technician, you'll need the best equipment that you can get your hands on. In this regard, the Fieldpiece SM480V is something that you will definitely want to invest in.

Consider these points to learn more about the Fieldpiece SM480V and why it's a big improvement over the SMAN460.

1. The SMAN is Built Tough and Durable

When you are shopping for the best equipment, you need to be certain that your purchase is tough and durable.

The Fieldpiece SM480V is a great HVAC/R tool because it is tough enough to last through any sort of field conditions that you will come across. It's very water-resistant, make with a tough exterior that is difficult to crack and the screen will give you clear and accurate readouts for the long haul.

2. The Data Logging is Impeccable

Taking care of an HVAC system is a labor of love, but it also involves extracting and using data.

When you have access to the Fieldpiece SM480V, you are able to get measurements on everything from pipe temperatures and refrigerant use to indoor air temperatures and electrical use. This data is logged accurately and up to the moment and is stored for the long haul so that you can get exactly what you need out of your heating and cooling service.

3. It's a Large Technological and Efficiency Leap From the SMAN460

The SMAN460 model is a great piece of equipment, but it's clear that improvements have been made.

Contractors that have used the SMAN460 and made the leap to the SM480V enjoy the fact that it has an upgrading charging process and is speedier as a whole. The wireless capability improves the way that you use this device in the field, and you can keep as many as 9 different jobs in the system.

4. The Synchronization With the App is Speedy and Useful

This piece of equipment really shines when you make use of the mobile app.

Your professional job will be streamlined when you make use of the Job Link System. You can access your readouts on a number of different devices in order to make the decisions that are the most useful to you.

It syncs instantaneously, which makes it another evolution that you will enjoy when you take the time to upgrade.

5. It's Cost-Effective Based on What You Receive

Finally, you'll appreciate the fact that this new piece of equipment is incredibly cost-effective.

You can find more information about  Fieldoiece SMAN SM480V online, and you'll know that you are getting your money's worth when you appreciate things like the specs and the sheerness toughness of the equipment as a whole.

You'll know that you are getting what you pay for, and this won't cause you to break the bank in the process.

Understand the Fieldpiece SM480V and What it Can Do For You

The Fieldpiece SM480V is clearly a piece of HVAC tool that can help you out to the fullest. It's an upgrade over the SMAN460, and one you will enjoy for years to come.

For more information about the Fieldpiece SM480V SMAN Wireless Digital Manifold and a great pricing, follow this link.

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