Combustion Analyzer

Combustion analyzers have been designed to test combustion efficiency of boiler, heaters and furnaces.  Combustion analyzer use ranges from residential through commercial to industrial, and each type of environment requires somewhat specific tests, sensors and detection levels to be used in a give place.  Yet, the main goal is to maintain high combustion efficiency to maximize fuel use, hence save energy.

TPI DC710C1 Combustion Analyzer Review

  • Posted on: 3 November 2022
  • By: Brady

Welcome back. Our review today is going to cover the excellent TPI DC710C1. I’ve kind of tipped my hand already by calling it “excellent”, but I really do think there are some great features to recommend this analyzer. We’ll go through a quick summary upfront so that those of you who want to get to the goods right away can look over the most important points, and then we’ll dig just a little deeper after that.

Accutools BluFlame Combustion Analyzer Review

  • Posted on: 22 November 2021
  • By: Brady

Accutools BluFlame Combustion Analyzer Review | Updated October 2022

Hello folks, it's getting around to fall and winter, and combustion season is upon us once again. Accutools is a brand well known for AC tools and is universally respected. They have now thrown their hand into the combustion market and delivered a real powerhouse analyzer called the BluFlame.