Bacharach PCA 400 Combustion Analyzer Review

  • Posted on: 11 October 2018
  • By: Laurelle

Bacharach PCA 400 Combustion and Emission AnalyzerBacharach is at it again! As a company that has been the leaders in HVAC equipment for over 110 years they are always working to improve their products so that service technicians can perform their job more efficiently and  better while protecting lives and the environment. They have recently replaced their PCA 3 line with the high performance portable combustion and emissions analyzer PCA 400.  This PCA 400 combustion analyzer allows you to test, tune, and certify commercial and industrial boilers, engine’s compressors, and generators.

Some of the basic changes include a larger color touch screen with enhanced viewing options that will display all the combustion readings at one time as well as real time graphing to see how multiple measured values are changing over time, improving a service technician’s diagnostic abilities. The touchscreen can also be used to navigate through the menu or if you prefer you can still use the keypad or switch from keypad to touchscreen without even taking off your work gloves.

Let’s talk sensors. First, the sensors are easier to replace in the PCA 400 – just remove the back top panel and you will find your sensor’s compartments and the 12 hour Li-ion battery pack.  Second, they have increased the O2 sensor to an industry leading 5 year warranty.   Third, the CO sensor has been improved to either a 0 - 10,000 ppm which is H2 compensated or a high range of 0 to 40,000 ppm.   And of course, you still have the option of NO, NO2 and SO2 for True NOx measurement. Sensors can easily be replaced in the field without any down time when you sign up for the Bacharach B-Smart Sensor exchange program.

The basic version of Bacharach PCA400 combustion analyzer – model 2410-1110 – comes with two sensors Oxygen O2 and Carbon Monoxide CO.  However, you can order that flue gas analyzer with any combination of 4 sensors, such as O2, CO, CO high, NO, NO2 and SO2.  If you need to test NOx, and your state or client wants measured values, please remember to order a model that comes with both NO and NO2 sensors.

What about the hoses and connections you ask? Well, they also have been improved. The commercial analyzer comes with standard tubing, but can be upgraded to Vitron tubing if you need to measure True NOx.  They also have changed the plugs on the end of the tubing to a single connector to easily change probes and the connection to the instrument.  In addition, they have color coded the ends to eliminate any confusion on where it connects to.

Software? Glad you asked. It also has been improved. You are now able to down load the latest firmware version from Bacharach’s website. In fact, they have already made firmware upgrades to the PCA 400 combustion and emissions analyzer with the addition of sensor protection, low NOx measurement, near field communication (NFC) and the ability to control the analyzer with the newly released mobile app.

Additional features include on-board data logging that will save up to 500 measurements in the internal memory, Bluetooth wireless technology for live streaming of data to any smartphone, PC or tablet, or the data can be sent to an optional Bluetooth Printer. Bacharach has also come up with a better sample conditioner to cool and dry the sample to provide more accurate readings for NO2 and SO2.

The PCA 400 is the newest, and most powerful handheld combustion analyzer, and an excellent tool for any technician working in industrial or heavy commercial locations. The combustion analyzer offers the flexibility of 4 sensors at once, and supports O2, CO, COHIGH, NO, NO2 and SO2. The PCA 400 features sensor protection, low NOx resolution, and a mobile app setting this tool above any other available analyzer.

How does your commercial and industrial analyzer measure up? Is it time for you to upgrade to the easy to use, feature rich Bacharach PCA 400 commercial and industrial combustion analyzer?

For more information on Bacharach PCA 400 follow this link.





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