Yellow Jacket SuperEvac Vacuum Pumps Review

  • Posted on: 17 March 2015
  • By: Sam

Welcome back, if you joined us last week we had a detailed review of the JB Industries Platinum vacuum pumps which can be found here. Today, I will be showcasing a comparable product line from Yellow Jacket, their flagship line of SuperEvac Vacuum Pumps. Yellow Jacket is another manufacturer that strives to build their products right here in the US. Yellow Jacket has over 60 years of experience designing and manufacturing quality tools and instruments for the HVAC Industry.

Product Details

For starters, this vacuum pump is two-stage rotary vane oil sealed pump that is field rated to provide vacuum to 15 microns or better. The ½ HP (1725 RPM) motor is shared for all versions of the pump and they range from 30-34 lbs. The Yellow Jacket SuperEvac series of pumps is offered as 4 different CFM ranged models. I have put these model numbers and their CFM rating below as well as a recommendation from Yellow Jacket regarding the size of the pump relative to the system size rated in tons.

  • 93540 4 CFM Pump recommended for 10-30 ton systems
  • 93560 6 CFM Pump recommended for 30-45 ton systems
  • 93580 8 CFM Pump recommended for 45-60 ton systems
  • 93590 11 CFM Pump recommended for 60+ ton systems

 Bonus Features

These vacuum pumps are chock full of features and small improvements that deserve a little time in the sun. Often, focus is over represented on motor speed or its micron rating that smaller details are not taken into consideration. It is not till after the purchase that you realize things about a pump that you do or do not like.

The SuperEvac pumps have a wider metal base with rubber overlays that improve the stability and lower its tipping point. They also feature isolation valves that allow you to separate the system you are evacuating from the pump itself. This allows you to change the oil if you suspect it is dirty.

It also features a Gas Ballast Valve and an internal intake filter screen that helps keep the oil cleaner longer by protecting from contaminants. One last feature is the built in vacuum gauge so you can get a proper measurement without adding another component to the system.

Fully Repairable

Like other quality pumps, the Yellow Jacket SuperEvac has a full list of replaceable parts to keep the pump in service for many years. A quick note about this though. The availability of replacement parts are a really good indicator of the quality of the instrument. This shows pride in the device and they want the owners to also take pride in their vacuum pump and not treat it like a throw away.

Wrap Up

The takeaway from this is the same as the JB Platinum pumps from last week. Considering the quality of a product in relation to the purchase price is something everyone does. You definitely want the best quality tools that are inside your budget. The short term savings of purchasing something less expensive will always be made up in the long term by how often these items break down or are replaced.

For more information and great pricing on the Yellow Jacket SuperEvac Vacuum Pumps, please follow this link.

What are your thoughts on US Built vacuum pumps? Let us know in the comments!


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