UEi AK900SC/AK900HC Refrigeration System Analyzer Digital Manifold Review

  • Posted on: 26 March 2015
  • By: Brady

Greetings everyone. Today’s post will have us taking a look at an excellent digital solution for working on refrigeration systems – the UEi AK900SC/AK900HC Refrigeration System Analyzer Digital Manifold. First off, for clarity’s sake, the “SC” and “HC” in each part number refer to “soft case” and “hard case” respectively. So if you are looking to save so cash you can opt for the soft cover and if you need the extra protection for the unit you can pick up the hard case unit. Digital manifolds are the next big thing is HVAC work and UEi offers this great product that competes nicely with the other units on the market.

A couple of things make this unit very unique. The first is the green backlight for the LCD display. This may seem somewhat insignificant but it makes a big difference in readability and this particular design makes working in low light areas a breeze. The UEi AK900 also features a “dynamic offset” bar graph that makes it easy to monitor modulation of control valves, system behavior and faults. The AK900 also features many of the great features that make digital manifolds a clear choice over the old analog models, the first of these being over 45-preprogrammed refrigerants. The unit also features dual temperature clamps for taking automatic superheat and subcool readings, has an auto-zero function to eliminate the need for manual calibration, and can be upgraded digitally to accommodate new refrigerants as the factory creates new models for upcoming gases. This killer unit also features a rugged design splash-resistant and well protected against oils, acids and sun exposure. Top it off with an extra-wide temperature range for indoor and outdoor use and you have a first-rate addition to any HVAC technician’s truck.


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