Tramex DEC Scanner DSAL Roof Moisture Detector Review

  • Posted on: 26 June 2015
  • By: Max

Today I am reviewing the Tramex DEC Scanner DSAL Roof Moisture Detector. The Tramex DEC Scanner’s primary function is to continuously measure moisture content as the user pushes it across a roof. This design is more than twice as fast as nuclear meters, and provides instantaneous and clear indication of the roof condition. The Tramex DEC Scanner is very straightforward to use, and does not require any formal license or training. It is very easy to locate the boundaries of wet areas, and even features three sensitivity ranges for more accurate moisture readings for different roof materials and/or thickness. Sensitivity 1 is most suited for single-ply and thin roof covers such as PVC, Hypalon, and other smooth surfaces. Sensitivity 2 is most suited for multi-ply built-up and modified systems, mineral surfaced felts, and other smooth or gravel surfaces. Sensitivity 3 is the final range, and is more suited for thicker roof covers such as mastic asphalt, thick gravel, and stone surfaced roofing.

It is best to push the device at a moderate pace to ensure accurate readings. The Tramex DEC Scanner is fantastic for scanning an entire roof without much required effort by the user. Best of all, it causes no damage to the roof you are measuring whatsoever, due to its non-destructive measuring process. The unit weighs roughly 20 lbs, which is very light considering all the user must do is push it along a flat surface. The Tramex DEC Scanner also features an easy to read analog display and runs off of two standard 9V batteries.

Prolonged and excess moisture in roofing can affect its overall performance by reducing thermal resistance and raising energy costs. Even worse, these problems can eventually lead to structural damage and/or system failure. The Tramex DEC Scanner ensures that these kinds of problems will be quickly and easily located.

Have you ever had to get your roof fixed after excess water damage?

For more information about this exciting new unit and great pricing, follow this link.

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