Testo 870-2 Thermal Imager with Wide Angle Lens and Digital Camera

  • Posted on: 8 November 2013
  • By: Brady

The Testo 870-2 Thermal Imaging Camera hs been discontinued. Please check out Infrared Cameras by following this LINK.

The “hot” (pun intended) new section of the thermal imaging marketplace is point-and-shoot entry-level cameras, and manufacturers are eager to offer cameras that have an excellent intersection of price and features. The new Testo 870-2 offers just this – high end features within a reasonable budget.

The first of these features is the resolution. At 160x120 pixels the Testo 870-2 meets all the RESNET standards right out of the box. The camera also features a wide angle lens to ensure that you can locate the problem areas you are examining without too much panning. It also includes a visible light, or digital, camera for easy comparisons against thermal images when reporting. Finally, the camera’s most exciting feature is the option to upgrade to Testo SuperResolution (I wrote another blog about it here) which basically multiplies the camera’s resolution 4x to 320x240 pixels.

For a great value and quality design, check out the new Testo 870-2.

See you next time.

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