Testo 870-1 - Review - The Thermal Imager with Wide Angle Lens

  • Posted on: 8 November 2013
  • By: Brady

The Testo 870-1 Thermal Imaging Camera has been discontinued. Please check out the Testo Infrared Cameras by following this link.

The new Testo 870-1 Thermal Imager is designed to provide competition to the entry level cameras of other manufacturers; and while it does do this, it also includes some features that set it apart from the entry level market.

First of these is the resolution itself. The Testo 870-1 clocks an impressive 160x120 pixel detector. This is a great resolution for a hand-held camera that meets all RESNET standards right out of the box, making this camera an economical home inspection option. The second feature, correlated with the first, is the option for a Testo SuperResolution upgrade. I covered SuperResolution in a previous blog, but it essentially is a software upgrade that quadruples the resolution of your stored thermograms – giving you a thermal image with 320x240 pixels. Finally the Testo 870-1 boasts a 34°x26° wide angle lens for a large field of view.

Check out the new Testo 870-1 for some killer features at a great price.

See you next time around.

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