Testo 300 Combustion Analyzer Review

  • Posted on: 12 September 2019
  • By: Laurelle

Combustion analysis is crucial for the proper operation and control of any combustion process. Combustion occurs when fuels react with oxygen to produce heat.  When combustion is harnessed to provide useable heat, the goal is to retrieve energy from the fuel in the most efficient manner possible.  This means burning the fuel as completely as possible with the least amount of loss.

Combustion analyzers were developed with the goal of finding the ideal fuel to air ratio for each application so as to come as close as possible to complete combustion. Through the analysis of combustion parameters, it’s possible to improve efficiency resulting in lower fuel costs, fewer pollutants being emitted, and lower cost of operation.

Combustion analyzers are designed to calculate the efficiency of all types of boilers, heaters, and furnaces by measuring a range of parameters such as stack temperature, flue pressure and levels of gases.

Combustion analyzer have taken the next step and gone beyond simply recording accurate results to incorporating operations that are intuitive with the ability to collate and process data within the same instrument as well as offering solutions for problems encountered when on the job.

Testo 300 flue gas analyzerThat is what makes the new Testo 300 flue gas analyzer so unique. It combines decades of Testo’s experience in designing flue gas analyzers that are accurate and reliable and combines it with modern technological advances that allow a technician to view, operate, and quickly make knowledgeable decisions all from one instrument.

So while the Testo 300 predecessor the Testo 320 was favored for its functionality, accuracy and dependability in combustion analysis, it did not have the advanced features the new Testo 300 brings to service technicians analyzing flue gas.

Here are a couple of reason that make the Testo 300 unlike other combustion analyzers on the market.

Intuitive operations
One of the most notable features of the new Testo 300 is the large 5” Smart-Touch display with intuitive operation much like a smart phone which allows you to zoom and swipe up to view data. All parameters are perfectly legible on the large touch screen and with the standby mode, it means the analyzer is always ready to measure at the touch of a button making it the most user-friendly analyzer on the market.

Easy to use
The advantage of digital measurement solutions is being able to collate and process data easily and the way you choose. On the Testo 300, flue gas analysis is tracked using smart software that is easily configurable to the needs of the user. Clearly structured menus for all applications involving heating systems are stored in the analyzer including flue gas, draft, ambient CO, tightness, differential pressure, differential temperature, as well as O2 air input. This data can be display as a graph or in table format, offering a range of insights to aid expert analysis.

Performance ready
The Testo 300 flue gas analyzer has been designed to be ready to go straight out of the case, no time consuming training necessary to be operational for heating system servicing and testing.

Efficient data reporting
Manually compiling and processing heating system data is the way of the past.  The Testo 300 automates the process to reduce the chance of misrecording information. Service technicians can generate detailed reports accommodating measurement data, customer information as well as their own comments within the analyzer itself.  The customer can confirm the work of the technician with an electronic signature directly on the touchscreen of the Testo 300 and reports can be sent to the office or customers directly from the analyzer via wireless LAN. These reports will also be stored in the instrument for archive purposes.

Rugged Design
The high quality and resilient construction of the Testo 300 allows it to withstand the rigors of the day to day operations.  A scratch proof display is protected by a replaceable film and sunk into the instrument to reduce the risk of damage. The housing unit is also robustly designed to weather shock impact.  Testo also has included four ultra-strong magnets on the back for secure attachment and hands-free operations.
The Testo 300 Combustion analyzer comes in a variety of kits for both residential and commercial applications. These kits vary with different sensors and accessories.  Depending on the kit chosen, customers enjoy a two to four year warranty. One of the most popular kits is the Testo 300 Residential-Commercial Analyzer with printer, part number 0564 3002 83.

For more information about Testo 300 Residential-Commercial Combustion Analyzer and a great pricing, follow this link.