Fluke Ti400 – The New Wave of Thermal Imagers (Part III)

  • Posted on: 24 September 2013
  • By: Brady

The Fluke Ti400 has been discontinued. Please browse the FLIR Thermal Imaging Cameras Catalog.

Onward and upward to the new Fluke Ti400 Thermal Imager ! This is the big kahuna in Fluke’s new Ti line and boasts some pretty impressive specs for the price range. The Ti400 includes all the excellent features of the previous two entries in this series, including wireless communication with the mobile app for viewing and reporting, embedding additional measurement data via Fluke CNX meters, various annotations, streaming video and the new LaserSharp focus system. I cover the LaserSharp system more in depth in my last post but essentially it uses a laser distance meter to calculate distance to target and adjusts the camera’s focus accordingly ensuring a clear image every time you test. 

On top of all these features the Fluke Ti400 is a technical powerhouse with a 320 x 240 pixel resolution, 60Hz or 9Hz refresh rate depending on model, and a huge temperature range at -20 °C to +1200 °C (-4 °F to +2192 °F). Another feature unique to the Ti400 is that it can be controlled remotely for more advanced operations.

Until we meet again…

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