General Tools DPS16 Video Inspection System Review

  • Posted on: 5 May 2014
  • By: Sam

Discontinued product. Explore Video Inspection Camera Systems here.

When it comes to inspecting larger residential or commercial drain / duct systems, you will find yourself in a category of products you might not fully understand. The General Tools DPS16 is one of those types of inspection systems. This system is one of the more economical options available on the market.  This does not mean it is a shoddy piece of equipment, it just means it has cut some features that you may or may not be interested. That is, after all, the essence of what I am trying to accomplish with this entry.  I want to spend a few lines of text going over what this thing can do and give you the information needed to decide if the General Tools DPS16 will work for you.

To start, let’s going over what comes with a purchase of the DPS16. The first thing you will notice is the large hard carrying case. Inside you will find the P16PIP Probe and Reel set, DCS1600 Video Borescope Camera Console, 2GB SD Card, RCA Cable, cleaning cloth, and an AC Battery Charger.

Now that we know what’s in it, let’s talk about how you can use this probe and camera set. The Reel is made of fiberglass and has a diameter of 0.23” and a length of 72ft. The 640 x 480 pixel camera head has a diameter of 1.1” and features 8 adjustable white LEDS on the front to give you plenty of light to see when you need it. The camera itself is waterproof up to 50ft and has a field of view of 150.8 Degrees (diagonal). The camera does not include a sonde so you will not be able estimate depth or distance if that is something you are in need of. The probe is flexible enough to maneuver through two 90 degree bends. The images are very clear and you really do get an idea of what is going on in the plumbing pipes or HVAC Ventilation Ducts.

All in all, this is a great unit that is priced to sell in its segment.  Hopefully this review was useful and helps you make an informed decision on which inspection system is right for you.

Cheers and Happy Testing,


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