FLIR E5 – A Whole New Level for Thermography (Part II)

  • Posted on: 1 October 2013
  • By: Brady

Hello again. The next camera in Flir’s new line is the E5. As you might expect the E5 is similar to the E4 I detailed last time with some notable upgrades. As far as similarities, the Flir E5 also includes MSX technology, as all of FLIR’s new cameras do, which performs real-time etching of visible light details onto thermograms, producing stunning results (see image at right). I also mentioned last time, briefly, that you can save yourself some money over time by switching over to a thermal imager versus an IR thermometer. The jump in functionality and accuracy is reason enough; but economically a Flir camera, with its 5-10-2 warranty (I’ll detail this in the next post), is guaranteed to outperform the IR thermometer for years to come. So basically you are set for the foreseeable future when you pick up one these guys.

In addition to the above, the E5 provides a resolution of 120x90, improved sensitivity at 100mK and a host of box measurements and markers not available on the E4.

Visit this link for more info.

Part III next…

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