Fieldpiece SMAN3 Dgital Manifold Review

  • Posted on: 22 May 2013
  • By: Tyler

The Fieldpiece SMAN3 model has been discontinued. Please check out the newest Fieldpiece SM380V 3-Port SMAN, and Fieldpiece SM480V 4-Port SMAN Wireless Refrigerant Manifold with Micron Gauge.

Finding the right digital manifold can be very difficult at times, but with the Fieldpiece SMAN3 that difficulty is eliminated. This machine tackles 39 refrigerants and it does so with ease and durability. This product reads everything from pressure to temperature and has a micron gauge for vacuum when the need arises.  Not only does it read pressure and temperature, but it has the ability to read two of each. Getting results for temperature is a speedy process with 0.1 F resolution and the Fieldpiece SMAN3 Digital Manifold also calculates Superheat and Subcooling at the same time(!), Target Superheat, and Vapor and Liquid Saturation.

All of this data is displayed on the large, backlit screen that is easily visible from a comfortable distance and It has to be in order to display all the information it provides without needing a magnifying glass. Along with being easily read, the screen (and the manifold) is also quite durable; more durable than the Packers’ offensive line. And while that might not be that hard to beat, the SMAN3 goes way beyond durability. Even after being stuck in a freezer, it still works, although the screen is a tad bit slow and the rubber boot around the product gives it even more protection.

Find out more and shop Fieldpiece Digital Manifolds.

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