Power to the People: AEMC PEL 100 Series Data Logging Power Meters

  • Posted on: 9 August 2013
  • By: Brady

AEMC PEL 100 series power meters (PEL 102 and PEL 103) do everything you would expect out of a high quality meter in this price range with a few super cool features that place them above the competition in certain areas. First off, these loggers will take readings on single, dual, and 3 phase circuits in VA, W, and var for power and VAh, Wh and varh for energy and are designed for use in 1000V Cat III and 600V CAT IV environments. This wide range of compatibility allows you to use this meter in virtually all modern residential, commercial and industrial electrical situations. All of the measurements can be correlated in the included DataView software to analyze the data and produce load profiles and other charts and reports. The only difference between the meters is that the PEL 102 has no display while the PEL 103 features a backlit digital display. The meters also include transducers and others can be selected at time of purchase.

So, the above is a simplified list of the many things these babies can do, but in this ever advancing technological world, one of the most exciting features of these meters is the ability to network. Firstly, the meters have integrated Bluetooth and are Ethernet compatible. This means they can transmit data wirelessly as well as hardwired into a computer system. Now that’s neat but the really awesome stuff is this: The DataView software can read and correlate data from up to hundreds of AEMC PEL PEL 102's or AEMC PEL 103’s through a LAN connections or though the internet. The internet option can read data from a connected logger anywhere in the world, which means one could conceivably connect a network of loggers and take energy efficiency data for an entire multi-national company. This is killing thousands of birds with one stone.

Long story short, plug these loggers in, take your readings (for your entire company if you wish), reassess your energy usage and needs. Then - start saving money.

Aloha ‘oe, until we meet again.

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