Fieldpiece Instruments, Inc. is a prime manufacturer of HVAC test equipment.  Their popular instruments include HVAC Analyzers, manifold gauges, refrigerant scales, clamp meters and other diagnostic instruments.  Fieldpiece is very well known because of a modular approach e.g., you can purchase an electronic control unit and then purchase different attachments to measure electic current or leaking gas, etc.  Many HVAC technicians like that way of testing, as well as quality of Fieldpiece products.

Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Smart Probe Charge and Air Kit Review

  • Posted on: 27 June 2018
  • By: Marc

What does an HVAC Service Tech expect from good modern test equipment?

Digital processing for increased accuracy and wireless communication to either send data or to view data on a smart device.  This is an ideal setup for analyzing HVAC systems both residential and commercial.