Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Smart Probe Charge and Air Kit Review

  • Posted on: 27 June 2018
  • By: Marc

What does an HVAC Service Tech expect from good modern test equipment?

Digital processing for increased accuracy and wireless communication to either send data or to view data on a smart device.  This is an ideal setup for analyzing HVAC systems both residential and commercial.   

The Fieldpiece JL3KH6 Job Link Smart Probe Charge and Air Kit delivers on these needs.  The set was designed to increase productivity and give all AC technicians a tool that makes each job easier.  The Fieldpiece JL3KH6 comes with 6 wireless probes – 2 pressure, 2 pipe clamps and 2 temp and humidity probes.  All of them are water resistant – designed to meet the IP55 standard.

The pressure probes have an angled ¼” fitting, so they can be connected to an AC unit even in tight spaces.  Each probe has a switch which can be turned on and off between low and high side, so the same tool measures either low or high side pressure depending on the switch position.  This is a great time savings in the event that you connect probes “incorrectly”.  Moreover, the pressure range has an overload value of 800 psig to make this tool safe to use on many AC systems.

When you use two pressure and two temperature pipe clamps, you can run a full diagnostic of the AC system. When you put in action the other two psychrometer probes, you can measure percent RH and see calculations of wet bulb, and dew point, as well as enthalpy. Of course, calculations of sub-cool and superheat are included too.

The switch at the bottom of each probe toggles between Supply Air and Return Air position and the corresponding readings are displayed on a smart device. Strong magnets help to secure the probes on any metallic surface when you are measuring the system.

What’s the best feature of this JL3KH6 set?

Wireless distance of 350 feet. This is a feature no other manufacturer matches.  Such a long distance enables easy and comfortable work conditions – monitoring tests from an AC controlled truck cabin, as opposed to staying on a red-hot roof top.  Customers love this feature, as they can also get extended distance on wireless data transfer.


1. Kit comes with 6 probes and direct connection to Job Link System App for improved productivity.  
2. Small size of each tool is ideal for fitting into tight spaces.
3. Job Link App provides direct connection to mobile devices.
4. Self-calibrating pressure sensor increases accuracy of pressure readings.
5. Wireless range of 350 feet enables HVAC Tech to work comfortably from an air conditioned area, whenever possible.

Here is a link to the product video (JL3KH6) made by Fieldpiece from when the product was launched earlier this year.

For more information about Fieldpiece JL3KH6 and great pricing, follow this link.


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