Fieldpiece MR-45 Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine Review

Today we will be reviewing the Fieldpiece MR-45 Digital Refrigerant Recovery Machine. Fieldpiece is known as a leader in the HVAC meter market but surprisingly this is their first foray into refrigerant recovery.

Fieldpiece SVG3 Review - Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge with Easy View Display

     Today we will be discussing the Fieldpiece SVG3 Digital Micron Vacuum Gauge. This meter reads vacuum in micron of Mercury (Hg) and has a range from 9,999 to 0 microns and a screen resolution of 1 micron. The settings can also be changed to read in mmHg, mbar, mTorr, Torr and Pascals.

Tramex Concrete Moisture Meters Review

I imagine most people see concrete slabs and don’t give them any thought. On the surface, no pun intended, they seem relatively straight forward. Concrete is mixed and poured and a day later it is hard and you put a house on top of it. Anyone who deals with concrete understands there is a lot more going on. As the title would allude to, this post will cover different testing procedures to ensure concrete is sufficiently cured before installation of a flooring system. This is done to reduce the failure of the flooring system (i.e. delamination, blistering, peeling, staining or sweating).

Flir C3 Infrared Camera Review

Hello Everyone. Today we're going to have a look at the new Flir C3 Thermal Imaging Camera with MSX and Wi-Fi, a truly fully-featured thermal camera that fits in your pocket for fast and accurate thermal inspections.

Testo 770-3 Hook-Clamp Power Meter with Bluetooth/App Review

The Testo 770-3 Hook-Clamp Power Meter is a very unique hook style clamp meter that has many different features that help separate it from the traditional clamp meters you usually see on the market. The Testo 770-3’s most prominent characteristic is how exactly its hook retracts.

Fluke TiS60 Thermal Infrared Camera with 260 x 195 Resolution and IR-Fusion Technology Review

     Today we will be visiting a new thermal imaging camera from Fluke, the TiS60. The Fluke TiS60 is part of the Performance Series of cameras that fills the space of entry to midlevel thermal cameras.

Testo 760-1/760-2/760-3 Digital Multimeters with New Auto Range Detection Technology Reviews

     Hello, this week we will be discussing two new offerings from Testo. The first is the Testo 760 Digital Multimeter and the second will be the Testo 770 Hook-Clamp Digital Multimeter.