Testo Smart Probes Models 0563-0004/115i/510i/805i Heating Set Review

  • Posted on: 26 February 2016
  • By: Max

Today I am reviewing a specific set of Testo’s new Smart Probe Line. The Testo Smart Probes in question are the Testo 115i Wireless Pipe Clamp, Testo 510i Wireless Differential Manometer, and the Testo 805i Wireless Infrared Thermometer.

Flir MR176 Moisture Meter Plus Infrared Camera with IGM Technology Review

  • Posted on: 5 February 2016
  • By: Max

Flir MR160 Review - Flir Thermal and Moisture Imaging Meter with 80x60 Lepton Thermal Imager

  • Posted on: 7 January 2016
  • By: Max

Today I am reviewing the MR160 Thermal and Moisture Imaging Meter from Flir. The Flir MR160 is a unique thermal imaging meter because it also detects moisture, making it a 2-in-1 device. This great combination allows the user to view thermal images while also checking the area for any possible moisture problems.

TPI 717 and TPI 717R Combustion Flue Gas Analyzers with Appliance Installation and Maintenance Features Review

  • Posted on: 9 December 2015
  • By: Max

Mastercool 52300 Thermal Imaging Camera for Automotive, HVAC, and Electrical Applications – Review

  • Posted on: 3 December 2015
  • By: Max

Today I am reviewing the Mastercool 52300 Thermal Imaging Camera. The Mastercool 52300 is designed to measure temperatures from -4 °F to 482 °F (-20 °C to 250 °C) while displaying these temperatures as thermal images on a 2.8” display.

Amprobe GSD600 Gas Leak Detector for Methane and Propane Detection Review

  • Posted on: 10 November 2015
  • By: Max

Today I am reviewing the GSD600 Gas Leak Detector from Amprobe. The GSD600 is designed to detect gases such as methane and propane gas with 35-ppm (propane) sensitivity. The GSD600 measures propane from 35 ppm to 580 ppm, and methane from 40 ppm to 640 ppm.

TPI 721 Combustible Gas Detector Designed to Detect Propane, Butane, Natural Gas, etc. Review

  • Posted on: 9 November 2015
  • By: Max

Today I am reviewing the TPI 721 Combustible Gas Detector. The TPI 721 is designed to detect gases such as Acetone, Acetylene, Alcohol, Ammonia, Benzene, Butane, Ethanol, Ethylene Oxide, Gasoline, Hexane, Hydrogen, Methane, Naphtha, Natural Gas, Paint Thinners, Propane, and Solvents with 10-ppm methane sensitivity.  The

UEi C30 Smart Bell Plus Kit Residential Combustion Analyzer with EOS Technology Review

  • Posted on: 20 October 2015
  • By: Max