UEi HUB4 and HUB6 HVAC Smart Probes Review

  • Posted on: 29 August 2018
  • By: Marc

All HVAC service techs remember that Testo has started a “Smart Probe Revolution” in 2016. Their products became very popular, especially the diagnostic kit 0563-0002 that came with two pressure probes and two temperature clamps.  It was a great tool, but for diagnostic purposes only, and the wireless range was relatively short – about 35 to 50 feet.

HVAC technicians were asking for a wireless smart probe kit with an ability to charge AC system, but such a set was not available on the market.  Now, there is a “new kid” on the block – UEi HUB4 Smart Refrigerant Diagnostic and AC Charge set, and it really rocks.

We have reviewed the product and we liked it.  First of all it is well built, so that you can “feel” the quality.  It comes with two (WPP1) pressure probes. They are small and fit into tight places, and they rotate 180 degrees, as well.  The two (WPC1) temperature clamps are small too, yet have a tight grip to fit around pipes nicely in order to take accurate temperature readings. Here are both probes measurement parameters: Pressure 0 to 725 psig, temperature 32˚ F to 176˚ F.

Both probes connect with each other, when you activate wireless transmission. The wireless distance is up to 150 feet, and this range secures comfortable working conditions, whether a tech needs to be away performing other tasks, or working out of AC cabin of his truck – smart, isn’t it?

Another cool feature is a charge port on the pressure probe.  Hey, this smart probe set can be used as a Digital AC Manifold and let you charge the system or recover refrigerant, when you need it.

The HUB4 comes with a free Android or iOS app, so you can view data on your smart device in real time.  The app is one of the easiest to use, as one can select and drag items, as well as create lists of favorites, e.g.: to get to your frequently tested refrigerants way faster.  We noticed a good video showing HUB4 was created by Steve Lavimoniere and posted on his YouTube channel, where he used HUB4 on one of his service calls.  It is not a coincidence he liked it too.

Another kit, UEi HUB6 is an upgraded set that comes with an addition of two hygrometer wireless probes (WPH1).  They measure temperature and %RH, and calculate wet bulb, dew point, and enthalpy.  The HUB6 is a complete AC diagnostic kit each service technician should have to make work easier and faster.  The UEI Instruments made a couple of very good and well thought through products for demanding jobs of HVAC service technicians.

For more information about UEi Instruments HVAC Smart Probes and a great pricing, follow this link.



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