SubSurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator Review

  • Posted on: 4 March 2015
  • By: Brady

Greetings everyone. Today we’re going to take a look at a relatively simple but powerful locating tool – the SubSurface Instruments ML-1 Magnetic Locator. This sturdy locator is very popular among technicians for its intuitive and accurate use, as well as its durability.

First off, the ML-1 is designed with 40” aluminum monotube construction in heavy duty ABS housing making it perfect for industrial and construction type jobs.

The Subsurface ML-1 locator has a padded handle built-in and a three button interface to make for simple and fast one-handed operation. No need to bother with complicated menus or confusing operation protocols with buttons for on/off (with built-in volume), sensitivity up and sensitivity down. The keypad also makes an electronic click when depressed you have a tactile sense of the unit working. There is also a loud speaker on the front of the unit to make it easy to hear your tracing signal even in a loud environment.

Additionally, the microprocessor design of the unit retains volume and gain settings from the last use so that you can ensure consistency across your projects. The unit can run for about 40 hours on 2 9V batteries and weighs in at roughly 2 pounds to name just a few more features of convenience. All of these features make the ML-1 an ideal choice for magnetic detection of corner markers, well casings, steel drums or septic tank handles – to name just a few applications.

The unit comes packaged in a soft case with the options to upgrade to a hard case as well. For more detailed product info and great sale pricing, follow this link.

Any readers have thoughts on the benefits of simple intuitive locating technology versus the more convoluted but advanced fully featured style locators?

See you next time.

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