Subsurface Instruments AML Plus All Materials Locator Review

  • Posted on: 21 January 2015
  • By: Brady

Greetings everyone. Today we will take a look at a truly unique and innovative product that has been recently upgraded – the Subsurface Instruments AML Plus All Materials Locator. This is a fascinating device that uses ultra-high frequency radio-waves to locate uncommon underground objects like PVC and PE pipes and most buried objects with an edge including plastic, metal, wood, cable and concrete.

Physically speaking, the Subsurface AML Plus Locator is light weight at 2.5lbs and is constructed with an ultra-durable ABS housing, so it is right at home even on tough work sites. It has a comfortable and ergonomic grip handle, a USB port for connection to external power supply and a headphone jack for locating in noisy environments. One of the upgrades to the previous version of the AML is the expansion of the sensitivity levels to 9 on the AML Plus. This greatly increases the versatility of the unit, making appropriate for a wider range of jobs. The AML Plus is also designed with a Laser pointer that gives a visual indication of which are of the ground is being targeted. Left and Right LED in indicators then guide the user to align the AML Plus with the underground object to ensure proper tracking of the material. This process is then carried out over the length of the object and can be physically marked on the surface of the ground.

Overall the Subsurface AML Plus is an unmatched solution for the location of uncharged and uncommon underground objects. There is really no competitive product available. For more info on this unit, follow this link.

Any thoughts about how this exciting product can be used in a unique application?

See you next time.

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