FLIR MSX – The New Standard

  • Posted on: 14 October 2013
  • By: Brady

Hello all. This is a brief little write-up about Flir’s new MSX Technology, known in long hand as Multi-Spectral Dynamic Imaging. This is fancy marketing speak for “the sharpest thermal images possible in this price range.” Just kidding, it’s actually a super advanced mathematical formula/technology that looks plain awesome.

In lay terms, what the MSX technology does is extract high-contrast details from the images taken by an onboard visible light camera, AKA digital camera, and etches or superimposes them onto the thermal images that the camera is taking. The kicker is that it executes this algorithm in real time, so what you see onscreen is a super sharp image that allows you to make out unprecedented details in the image. This is most easily explained by just checking out the images I’ve posted to the right. I test drove a Flir E8 here in the office and you can even make out the facial features of your unsuspecting coworkers, as opposed to the nondescript thermal orange and white blob you get with other cameras. This exciting new technology is available on the Flir E4, Flir E5, Flir E6, and Flir E8.

Follow this link for more information on these cameras.

Also, if you want to check out MSX technology coupled with a ton of cool features take a look at the upgraded Exx-series including Flir E40, Flir E50, Flir E60.

Until next time.

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