Yellow Jacket RecoverXLT/RecoverXLT-O Review - The Refrigerant Recovery Machines

  • Posted on: 15 April 2014
  • By: Brady

Hello all. Today we’re going to talk about the very versatile Yellow Jacket RecoverXLT and RecoverXLT-O Refrigerant Recovery Machines. These machines have everything you need to smoothly service an AC unit, especially in the residential field. I’ll give you a quick rundown of the features and then talk about some of the ways to use the units on the job.

First off the two units are essentially the same, except that the RecoverXLT-O also features a tank overfill switch which uses a liquid-level switch on the recovery cylinder to shut off the power if the tank reaches 80 percent of its capacity. This handy little feature is an excellent safeguard against ruining your machine or creating a hazardous situation. However, it is not necessary and the same results can be achieved with human attention and a charging scale. Whichever way you decide to go is mostly a matter of budget and the needs of the job.

Both machines feature standard liquid and vapor recovery methods, the former being the speediest way to recover and the latter being the most common and widely support across AC systems. There is also a purge option which makes removing residual refrigerant and preventing cross contamination a piece of cake. Last but not the least, both units features a high powered fan to make sure the machine runs cool even in the summer, which is a huge bonus for technicians working on roofs or in hot climates.

This unit is on a great sale at this link which also includes more detailed product info.

Until next time.

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