Wohler A 550 Combustion Flue Gas Analyzer Review

  • Posted on: 28 January 2015
  • By: Sam

Today I will be reviewing the A 550 Combustion Flue Gas Analyzer from Wohler. This analyzer really is the first handheld Combustion Analyzer that makes full use of today’s technology.

The Wohler A 550 features a 7” color touchscreen display that can feature up to 14 different measurements and calculations simultaneously on screen. Ease of use is integral to all Wohler products and this continues that tradition. The unit has two strong magnets to free your hands for other tasks and can store up to 1,000 measurement records.

The flue probe also features a start stop button that can save test results without having to go to the analyzer. The unit comes with a CO (0-4,000ppm) sensor as well as O2 (0-21%) sensor but can be upgraded to also measure NO, NO2, and SO2 if that is needed.

The Wohler A 550 Combustion Flue Gas Analyzer comes with a 4 year warranty and a Lithium Ion battery for up to 12h of battery life per charge. This unit is really built to support the everyday technician to make life as easy as possible on the job. The included TD100 Printer allows you to print the results directly for the customer to have that shows you did indeed complete some work.

All in all, if you are looking at getting a new flue gas analyzer, I would definitely check this one out if you are looking for an analyzer with all the newest technology. If you could suggest one improvement for Combustion Analyzers that would benefit you the most, what would it be?

For more product info, follow this link.

Cheers and Happy Testing,


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