UEi KM940 Combustion Analyzer for Industrial Applications Review

  • Posted on: 18 August 2014
  • By: Sam

Today I will be reviewing the On Sale UEi KM940 Industrial Combustion Analyzer. This handheld analyzer comes with a power supply, water trap assembly, probe w/ hose, carrying bag, and owner’s manual. The base unit comes equipped with a CO (0-10,000ppm) and O2 (0-20.9%) sensor and can be upgraded with two additional sensors (NO (0-5,000ppm), NO2 (0-1,000ppm), SO2 (0-5,000ppm)). There is also an option to switch out the CO sensor for a high range CO sensor that has a measurement range from 0-10%. The UEI KM940 Industrial Combustion Analyzer will calculate combustion efficiency, CO2, excess air, poison index, CO/CO2 ratio, flue losses, and net stack temperature. There includes an IR Print port which is nice since it also stores up to 150 test results. Another nice benefit of the UEI KM940 Industrial Combustion Analyzer is it measures Pressure from -150 - +150 m Bar. This device is well rounded and will be a benefit to any technician who handles boiler and furnace maintenance or installations.

Cheer and Happy Testing,


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