UEi KM9106/P Quintox Combustion Analyzer Review

  • Posted on: 28 August 2014
  • By: Brady

The UEi KM9106/P Quintox Combustion Analyzer has been discontinued - Please check the UEi Combustion Analyzers by following this LINK.

Hello everyone. Today let’s have a look at a slightly more technical product than usual – the UEi KM9106/P Quintox Combustion Analyzer. Now, this powerhouse machine is designed for checking combustion efficiency, among other parameters, on industrial/commercial/high-end residential combustion appliances. This is a highly modular device that offers precision and high performance at a fair price, so let’s dive in a bit.

The UEi KM9106/P comes standard with measurements for O2, CO, Inlet temperature, and Flue temperature. These values can then be used by the machine to quickly and accurately calculate Combustion Efficiency, CO2, Net stack temperature, Losses, Excess Air, CO/CO2, Poison Index, and Net Temperature Differential. That’s a whole lot of power in this box and it comes with an onboard printer for instant result reporting. This is a great feature for reporting to customers or supervisors. The device features a 2000 data point internal memory and comes packed a rugged and portable heavy duty casing. The UEi KM9106/P can be custom programmed for various fuel types and comes pre-programmed with values for Natural Gas, Butane, Light Oil, Heavy Oil, Coal, Coke, Propane, Anthracite, LP Gas, Town Gas, and Natural Gas 2. it also can be upgraded to hold up to 4 additional sensors for measuring various other gases including Nitric Oxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, and Sulphur Dioxide.

If you need some serious, heavy duty commercial or industrial combustion analyzers for your business or the team you supervise, check out this great unit by following this link. Sale pricing is available.

See you next time.

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