T3 Innovation TT550 Tri Tester Pro VDV Tester Review

  • Posted on: 25 June 2013
  • By: Sam

       Today’s technicians demand utility out of their equipment. Gone are the days of having a tool box full of one-off testers. With the proliferation of the digital age and the technological advancements it has brought with it, technicians are demand their testing equipment keep up. Likewise, with the economic times we are facing this decade, more technicians are branching out into new fields. The T3 Innovation TriTester PRO is a tester that combines Voice, Data and Video testing into a single low cost model. Being able to test for cable length, shorts, faults, opens, mis-wires and split pairs for multiple cable types is just the utility these technicians need. Being able to walk onto a job site and handle Coaxial, RJ11, and RJ45 cables to do wire mapping or  length measurement with a simple to use tester allows technicians to be more efficient to move onto the next job.

      The T3 Innovation TT550 TriTester PRO is packed with many features considering its price point. It is built with a large LCD screen that is easy to read with large icons. A master remote for RJ style connections stores in the bottom of the unit for easy access. It can accurately display cable length for the entire cable and for individual pairs as well as indicate pins that have shorts, reversals, miswires, opens, and split pairs. The TT550 also generates 4 different tones for tracing voice data, and video cables as well as maps for up to 19 locations. This light handheld unit is perfect for new technicians or seasoned veterans looking to upgrade an old tester.

Cheers and Happy Testing,


--Sam McFadden--

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