Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer Review – Accurate Results, NOx Filters and more

  • Posted on: 17 February 2015
  • By: Sam

Combustion testing is an important part of many heating contractors businesses. Having an instrument that they are confident in and can trust is very important. Testo is one of the leading brands when it comes to combustion analysis. The Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer is the premier residential combustion analyzer that they offer and it has many features that are important to technicians. First off, the unit has a 2 year warranty, Bluetooth capabilities and storage for 500 tests. It comes equipped with an Oxygen sensor (0-21%) and a CO Sensor with Integrated NOx Filter(0-4000ppm) and has sensor diagnostics so you know when it is time to change the user replaceable sensors. The Testo 320 also features a quick start up time under 30 seconds and ambient CO measurement to keep technicians set. Testo brought the 320 into the 21st century by giving it a full color graphical display. All these features really add up to make the Testo a great analyzer for any technicians. Check out also Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer With Printer model 0563 3220 71.

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Testo 320 Combustion Analyzer: Industry leading CO sensor protection,  Superior sampling hose, Exceptional moisture/water control, Continuous temperature compensation, and Accurate measurements with integrated NOx filters.

The Testo 320 Flue Gas Analyzer is fully featured for better testing and tuning, and is excellent tester for set up and commission more complex multi-stage, or modulating heating systems, as well as testing and tuning of all types of residential and commercial furnaces, boilers, and water heaters.

Do you own a Testo Analyzer already? What is your favorite feature?

For more product info and sale pricing, follow this link.

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