SubSurface Instruments PL-1500 Pipe and Cable Locator Review

  • Posted on: 6 February 2015
  • By: Brady

Hello everyone. Today we’re going to have a look at a high-powered underground cable locating tool – the SubSurface Instruments PL-1500 Pipe and Cable Locator. This unit includes a locating wand and a transmitter terminal for precise and efficient cable location.

First up, the PL-1500 operates at a unique 8.125 kHz frequency to avoid interference from other electrical signals, ensuring accurate locating. Additionally, the transmitter can operate in one of two different power modes depending on the length of the cabling. In the lower powered half-watt mode, shorter length cables can be pinpointed with greater accuracy. Using the 3-watt mode, the high-power signal makes it easy to trace longer pipes and cables. The PL-1500 also features a DEPTH switch which will display the depth of the located signal, down to 16ft. This is an excellent depth range for a cable locating tool. Live power cables can also be detected without the transmitter on the standard 50/60Hz frequency ranges.

Physically the PL-1500 units are light coming in at a total weight of around 10 lbs. There are onscreen displays for the various parameters and simple, intuitive thumb buttons for on-the-job operation. The kit comes packed with leads and a ground stake in a convenient carrying case.

For more product info, follow this link.

Any thoughts on the benefits of using a stand-alone transmitter on your locating jobs?

See you next time.

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