Schonstedt XTpc-33-s Underground Pipe and Cable Locator Review

  • Posted on: 19 February 2015
  • By: Brady

Greetings everyone. Today we will take a quick look at the Schonstedt XTpc-33-s Underground Pipe and Cable Locator, a convenient and precise cable location instrument for use on the 33kHz frequency.

The first innovative feature that Schonstedt locators offer is an extendable wand, which fits conveniently in a tool belt when in the collapsed position. This means that you can wear the Schonstedt XTpc-33-s on the job site and as far as I know is a unique feature to the Schonstedt line.

The wand features a convenient LCD display that shows a digital readout of the signal strength as well as left, right and on-target indications and buttons that can be operated using the thumb for intuitive one-handed use. Among the operational options are passive detection of 50Hz or 60Hz, conductive mode, inductive mode, clamp mode and a sonde detection mode. You can also check depth with just a simple button push.

The included transmitter can function for roughly 8-hours of intermittent usage on one charge and is about the size of your hand. The Schonstedt XTpc-33-s locator also has audio output for old-school locating and displays battery life and sensitivity. All of this comes with Schonstedt’s excellent 3-year warranty program for extra piece of mind for your investment.

For more product info and sale pricing, follow this link.

Anyone have thoughts on the benefits of having a compact locating system like this one versus the full size models?

See you next time.

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