Kanomax 6710 TABmaster Capture Hood Review

  • Posted on: 13 June 2013
  • By: Sam

      When I first took this product out of the shipping box, I was looking at what appeared to be an awkward, box shaped wheeled suitcase. After allowing my mind to drift to myself walking through an airport terminal with this thing in tow I quickly got down to business. Upon opening the suitcase you immediately see the care taken in design that ensures not only a tight fit but also safety for travel. The instrument sits inside a foam insert that keeps it from shuffling around and also lets you know exactly where all the pieces fit. Once I browsed the packing list to ensure all equipment was present, I started assembling the Kanomax 6710 TABmaster.

       Setup was only a few minutes and, if needed, there is a small Setup Guide provided with the unit that is easy to follow. Inside the guide you will see a few steps on assembly as well as a brief walk through on the digital display and how to navigate the menus. I found the controls to be relatively intuitive and the on screen display is helpful with showing which buttons do what. Now that I had it all assembled, I was ready to conquer the world! Or at the very least, I was ready to make a few simple duct calculations around the office.

      First things first, the Kanomax 6710 TABmaster  Capture Hood is very lightweight. This is nice because you quickly realize how often you are holding this thing over your head. The clear windows at the top of the hood also come in handy when you are verifying that there is a good seal before running your tests. Running tests and navigating the menu to switch between single testing or Run Average is a breeze. All in all I found the Kanomax 6710 TABmaster very easy to use.

For more information and great pricing follow this link.

If you have questions or suggestions, please let me know.


--Sam McFadden--

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