Inficon TEK-Mate Refrigerant Leak Detector 705-202-G1 Review

  • Posted on: 15 July 2014
  • By: Brady

Greetings. Today we’ll have a look at a relatively simple product that fits any budget and does a solid job – the Inficon TEK-Mate Refrigerant Leak Detector 705-202-G1. For those new to this area, Inficon is a company that is famous for its leak detection technology and is at the forefront of research and development in this area.

The Inficon TEK-Mate is a moderately priced option in their line that operates with heated-diode technology for tried and true results.

The TEK-Mate refrigerant leak detector uses heated-diode sensor technology, which uses an electrochemical sensor composed of a ceramic substrate and reactive element that is maintained at high temperature by an internal electrical heater. When a halogen gas comes into contact with the sensor, molecules break off from the reactive element and are registered on the LED display and as the audible ticking sound.

The unit automatically compensates for any background contamination and has a controllable intensity (gain) for the audible signal. The Inficon TEK-Mate also features a 17” flexible gooseneck probe and boasts a 0.4 oz./yr. sensitivity to CFCs, HCFCs, and HFCs.

That’s all for now folks. For more detailed product information and great sale prices, check out this link.

See you next time.

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