Fluke TiR105 Review - Thermal Imager for Building Inspections

  • Posted on: 1 November 2013
  • By: Marc
  • The Fluke TiR105 Thermal Imaging Camera has been discontinued. Please check out the newest Fluke Infrared Camers following this link.

Fluke TiR105 comes with many features, but just a few make it a very useful or I would say a cool instrument for your diagnostic needs, when you snoop around any building.  You go to work, and it is early morning, so you didn’t have time to drink coffee.  You take out Fluke TiR105 from the protective case, and the homeowner ask you to show it to him.  Not thinking much, you hand it over to him, and he drops it onto a concrete floor.  Oops, he says …  No harm has been done, as the Fluke TiR105 is protected against a 6-foot drop.

You want to see details better and IR Fusion helps to see an outline of the “real” picture at the background of the screen. 

You want to have the latest and the greatest software to process pictures, thermograms and reports.  No problem either, as Fluke TiR105 comes with field upgadable software, and you don’t even have to pay for the upgrades.

The best part of Fluke TiR105 Thermal Imager is the newest addition of CNX Wireless connectivity, so you could use other instruments in conjunction with the camera.  If you already own Fluke TiR105, you can easily upgrade to CNX Wireless connectivity at no cost. 

Cool instruments come from Fluke  :)

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